The Post-Easter Detox

Splurged on chocolate and hot-cross buns … and, okay, the rest of culinary smorgasbord available to you last weekend? You’re not alone. Easter is big in our household. There are family events to attend and Easter egg hunts to host (and participate in … why should the kids have all the fun?), plus chocolate to eat and children to cuddle.

It’s a whole thing. It’s all the things.

Which means I’m practically counting down the days until my body says ‘that was fun, but now let me show you the consequences of your actions’.

Cue the bloated belly, foggy mind and plethora of skin explosions.

Unless, of course, I can travel back in time and not binge-eat Cadbury crème eggs nourish my body and recover with a mini detox.

Which brings me to my seven step plan for detoxing and recovering after a busy, food-filled long weekend.



for detoxing and recovering after a busy, food-filled long weekend

Step 1. Stop eating the junk.

I don’t know about you, but it’s really easy for one crème egg to become eight … and then ten … and then a daily habit. You know what I mean?

So my first step is to stop eating junk food and return to a streamlined version of my regular diet.

My guidelines are simple:

  • No sugar (unless it’s in fruit, and maximum three pieces per day)
  • No processed foods
  • Limited dairy and starchy foods (farewell, hot-cross buns)
  • Mostly lean protein and veggies


Step 2. Cut out caffeine.

I love my daily Cappucino. But when my body is overloaded with junk food, I find that the extra caffeine just makes me jittery and uncomfortable.

So for at least a few days, I will cut out caffeine and limit myself to mostly water and …


Step 3. Organic cold-pressed green juices.

When my body is running low on nutrients, it’s vital that I give it as much support as possible, so it can heal and recover.

Rather than taking a multi-vitamin, I like to sip one or two cold-pressed green juices every day.

They’re packed with the equivalent of almost a kilo of green veggies and will supercharge my nutrient intake while I’m detoxing.

If you’re in Singapore, I wholly recommend Ega Juice Clinic.


Step 4. Detox my mind.

I love my family. But after a long-weekend of socialising, my mind is often filled to the brim with thoughts, musings, worries and observations.

To regain some mental space and clarity, I will maintain a regular meditation practice.

I like Headspace as it helps me clear my mind of clutter.


Step 5. Gentle exercise.

Rather than overcompensating by scheduling in some heavy-duty work-outs (which could stress out my body more), I will stick to a daily pilates session.

This ensures I get my daily exercise – which is crucial for detoxing and supporting my health – but it doesn’t put any extra strain on my body.

Other exercises you can try (if you’re not into pilates) include:

  • Hiking and walking
  • Swimming
  • Yoga and stretching


Step 6. Get a full night’s sleep.

We underestimate the importance of beauty sleep sometimes, but it truly is fundamental to our health and wellness.

Now that my body is overloaded and has some healing to do, I will be making sure I get between eight to nine hours of sleep every night for the next week.

To let my circadian rhythms work at their best, I’ll going to bed at 10pm and setting my alarm for 6am.

This takes advantage of our peak healing period which is between midnight and 2am.

And to make sure it is beauty sleep; I’ll be using some of my favourite bedtime and overnight beauty products. Including:

·       Foot bath with Epsom salt and lavender oil

·       TATA HARPER Revitalising Body Oil

·       Thisworks Plus - sleep plus trouble shooter spray


Step 7. Be kind to myself.

And finally, I’m going to give myself permission to slow down. To say ‘no’ to social events if I’m not feeling up to them and to listen to my body to see what it needs from me right now.

It can be tempting to indulge in negative self-talk after a weekend of chocolate and fun, but it’s more beneficial to nurture and care for ourselves instead.

You deserve to live a beautiful life … chocolate and all!


Astrie x