The Sweet Rituals: Weekday AM

Confession time … I have a secret obsession: I love learning about other women’s beauty rituals. If I could, I’d sneak a peek inside all my friend’s beauty cabinets (#notsorry) … and then ask them a million questions about what they do, when they do it and how they do it.

Not to mention the rituals for the other elements of their life too!

I don’t think I’m alone in my obsession though. After all, one of the most common type of questions I get asked concerns my beauty rituals.

(In case you’re curious, the second most common is beauty product recommendations and the third is … travel advice !)  

So, to satiate our appetites, I’ve devoted an entire category of my blog to sweet rituals!

Sometimes I’ll be sharing my rituals, other times I’ll be sharing my customers’ and readers’ rituals (Want to share yours? Send me an email!) and every now and then I will feature a guest post filled with a special somebody’s sweet rituals.  

To launch this category, I’m going to be sharing my own morning ritual.

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I’ve been very careful to intentionally create a set of rituals that support me in cultivating a beautiful day.

These are my weekday rituals, which I stick to most of the time when I’m not traveling.

And before you start thinking that my life is a calm sanctuary of complete zen (you should see me laughing right now), please know that these rituals are interlaced with the usual parenting calamities and business dramas!


My Weekday AM rituals

For me, mornings mean …

Peace, quiet and setting the foundation for a beautiful day.

While everybody is still asleep …

I tip-toe out onto our balcony and enjoy a quiet cup of tea. I make my own morning tea, it's a mix of organic rose petals, chamomile blossoms and lemongrass. It's beautifully relaxing. Some days I will plan for the day ahead, other days I will simply savour the solitude and soak up the beauty of Singapore awakening.


My breakfast is …

I love to make Spanish omelette, the kids love it too..


At the breakfast table we usually …

Share our plans for the day, including what we’re excited about. Noah, my son, and Myla, my daughter are both in school and I really enjoy connecting with them about what’s happening in their world.


After the children have gone to school, I …

Go for a jog and head out for my morning yoga session at Yoga Movement. I follow up my exercise with a glass of cold-pressed juice and a cappuccino (this is something I really look forward to!).


My AM beauty ritual involves …

I apply my TATA HARPER Regenarating Cleanser as soon as i get home from my morning jog or yoga. My morning makeup ritual takes less than 10 min. I use TATA HARPER Illuminating Moisturizer and Illuminating eye cream. then I apply RMS conclear, RMS Living Luminizer, TATA HARPER Volumizing Lip & Cheek tint and I'm done.


My non-negotiables are …

Cuddles with my children, exercise and a quiet moment to myself.


I’m at work by …

10am, ready to open the doors to Beauty Candy Lifestyle.


And voila – my AM sweet rituals!

How do you start your day?

You know I’m dying to know, so drop a comment below or come and join me on my Instagram

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