My Happy List

Now that we are into the last week of January most of us are getting back into our routines and I feel it is actually the perfect time to properly reflect and set the right tone for the rest of 2019!

2019 resolutions.jpg

Last year was not an easy year for me but I like to think of 2018 as a learning year. Specifically, I learned to let go of what’s not meant to be and to be kinder to myself!

So this year, instead of creating unrealistic goals and setting myself up for failure, I decided to focus on how I want to feel when I close 2019. Thinking about it this way, it was very simple to figure out that what I want this year is to feel at peace with myself because I realise that being at peace ultimately gives us the clarity of thought to get us to where we truly want to be.

With that in mind, I wanted to share my happy list which I turn to in order to stay centered when I start to feel flustered or overwhelmed by the build up of daily stresses. I encourage you to create your own… whenever you have a bad day, take a deep breath, go through your list and do one of the things on the list. Trust me you will feel so much better afterwards.

My Happy List

  • Cuddling with my kids makes everything ok (I want to bottle my baby son’s scent)

  • My husband’s silly jokes gets me every time (life is better when you’re laughing!!)

  • A long catch up session over dinner with good friends is priceless

  • Dreaming of my next travel destination gives me hope

  • Yoga brings me peace (try yoga movement at martin’s road! such a pretty studio and cafe)

  • Coffee makes my morning (those who knows me well, know that I don’t function until I have my coffee)

  • A brisk walk by the river always makes me feel better (try going super early or after work during magic hour)

  • A face massage is the best thing you can do to yourself when you feel bleh

  • A glass of champagne always fixes me (ok maybe more than one!)

  • Creating mood boards relaxes my mind!

I wish you a year full of self-love! I hope that you will find what makes you happy and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.


Astrie xx

PS: I’d love to hear your happy list!!