The perfect way to spend Mother’s Day


Waking up to the smell of homemade crepes and having breakfast in bed with lots of cuddles in between is my happy place and the ideal way to wake up on Mother’s Day!

My kids love making crepes for breakfast so I’m hoping they will make it again this coming Sunday. (hint hint dear husband!) 

Here’s my favourite crepes recipe which is for whole-wheat crepes! It’s super easy, and you can prepare the night before. 


Brunch with the Bunch!

Go to Four Seasons Hotel for Mother’s Day Brunch! I love going there because in addition to an extensive spread of healthy fresh options and a few sweet and savory indulgences (which, let’s agree, we all deserve), my kids can play and do fun activities, while I can relax and enjoy my champagne!!!  

This year, I will be treating myself to a Flower Workshop –

If you have not planned anything for yourself then join me for a 2-hour flower workshop today (Saturday 11/19) with the lovely Grace from Grandi Flora, one of my favourite florists from Sydney that just opened it’s branch in Culina Singapore!!!  You can bring your mom, sister, best friend, whoever you like! I will be taking miss Myla with me and I can’t wait!! I hope to see you there…


Have a spa day at home with the lovely team from @AuumSG. Its so easy to have them come by the house and they are extremely professional. Perfect for mother/daughter time.

And of course, what’s a mother’s day without gifts? Here is my Mother’s Day Gift Wishlist:

IMG_9846[1] copy.jpg

·      A compilation of my kids notes and letters

·      Currently I’ve been obsessing over the return of headbands, and Lele Sadoughi makes the best

·      Silk pj’s another one of my obsessions!! I especially love Olivia Von Halle’s

·      Personalized basket by Paradise Catcher with your initials

·      Champagne flutes by CreArt available on the Artemest website

I’d love to hear what’s on your list?

I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day! I hope you feel appreciated and loved.